Anthill Farms Port Wine Ochre 2014 375ml
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Anthill Farms Port Wine Ochre 2014

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What is one dessert without a second? The second press cut of the Sauvignon Blanc did not quite have the sugars to make a proper dessert wine. So instead, we chose to partially ferment it and arrest the fermentation with unaged grape brandy. We then aged the wine, untopped, for more than two years. The result combines elements of white port (fortification and 10% residual sugar), sherry (oxidation), and madeira (periods of warm aging). This wine is a unique character; it is somewhat sweet, but with a rich savory quality that keeps it alive and balanced. The nose is fascinating: lightly nutty, with hints of plum skin, baking spice, dried sage, and soy. The mouth has an almost saline quality that unfolds hauntingly on the palate, itself a rich mix of spice, fresh straw, and warm wood. This wine, while sweet, can be enjoyed before, after, or during a meal. Like many of its counterparts, the aging capacities of this wine should be limitless. This wine should work equally well consumed quickly or tucked away for several years.

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