Malo-lactic Fermentation: A Determining Factor in Chardonnay Wine

Malo-Lactic Fermentation is an important process to understand because it has a profound effect on the taste and texture of finished wine. Once you know whether or not a wine has under gone Malo-Lactic fermentation you will have a better idea of its ... Click here to read more.

Where Should Wine Be Stored and How Should I Treat My Wine?

Critical to the longevity of a wine are the conditions under which the wine has been stored. Wine storage methods run the gamut, from the very simple to the most complicated, scientific solutions. Many customers choose a method without first understanding the basic tenets of wine storage. Click here to read more.

Why do we let wine breathe?

From the moment that a bottle of wine is opened and the wine is exposed to oxygen, it begins to change. This process is referred to as "breathing". The technical term for the change that occurs in the wine when it is exposed to air is oxidation. Click here to read more.

If you only want wines with a traditional cork you may be 'screwed'!

After speaking with many of you during your wine purchases, we have noticed a widespread misapprehension of the Stelvin or screwcap closure on bottles. While we agree that the screwcap lacks the visual effect and character of a traditional cork, the functional benefits of a screwcap far outweigh the aesthetics. After all, it’s what’s in the bottle that ultimately matters right? Click here to read more.