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Nonino Amaro Quintessentia

Nonino Amaro Quintessentia

Extraordinary fragrance of mountain herbs, ennobled by UE - Nonino grapes distillate aged in barriques. Drink as a delicious aperitif served with ice and a slice of orange with its peel or as a digestive to complete a meal.  more



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Aperol Aperitivo

Aperol Aperitivo

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The name says it all: Aperol is the perfect aperitif. Bright orange in color, it has a unique taste, thanks to the secret recipe, which has never been changed, with infusions of selected ingredients including bitter and sweet oranges and many other herbs and roots in perfect proportions. Aperol's strength ... more



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Campari Aperitivo

Campari Aperitivo

Campari is a bitter Italian aperitif made according to a secret recipe originally developed in 1860 by Gaspare Campari in Milan. It is the result of a unique blend of aromatic herbs mellowed in selected spirit.  more



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AA Badenhorst Family Wines  Caperitif

AA Badenhorst Family Wines Caperitif

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The extended Badenhorst Family re-launched the Ghost Ingredient on the 5th of November this year on the farm on the Paardeberg. As you should know by now, Caperitif - a golden elixir - had been in slumber for almost 90 years when Danish mixologist Lars Erik Lyndgaard Schmidt met Swartland ... more



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